Meet our Deacons


Frank_Zacka Frank Zacka
"We are in the person of Christ being an ordained minister. But its important to impress on people this doesn't make us any better, any superior to them. I'm just an ordinary person... but through the ordination God who alone has the authority has delegated this through his son Jesus Christ, to His Church."


Louis_Azzapardi Louis Azzapardi
"Being in the Diaconate brings all the parts of my life together."
Paul_Naggar Paul Naggar
"Ministry of the Diaconate is not just liturgical, it's also a ministry of service. Its a very important thing to realise the way I see the diaconate of a married person, it has to be lived out of the context of marriage. Married Deacons are meant to me an example of what Christian marriage and family is all about... It is a way of life."
Angel_Portas Angel Portas (deceased)
"When we try to communicate our humanity - all the boundaries, all the limitations - then they [the community] understand that they are not in front of a big person... and I think that this is how people discover God in themselves."
Elliot_Casalegno Elliot Casalegno (deceased)
""Be yourself... Be your humble self""